Career Test - very popular

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Career Test - very popular

Make a, free, career test online. Find out what professions fit your personality. For questions like - What is the right job for me? - the career test is the optimal assistance, in helping you make your decision.

For whom is the career test suitable?
The question "Which job is the right choice for me?" mainly affects students in the advanced classes. The Plakos career test is optimal for all Secondary school students, total students, junior high school students and high school students.The test is not dependent upon educational levels, and is accessible to all students, without registration. Young teenagers, considering their career choice, or deciding upon a particular study course, are well represented on this site. In addition, many adults take the profession test as well, because they are not sure whether their chosen profession is the right one for them. Often the result is a confirmation of their premonition, or, a motivation to consider a change. The career test is regularly updated, most recently in November 2013. This career test is one of the few that take into account the participants’ own flexibility and mobility.

What results does the career test offer?
Primarily, vocational tests perform a personality analysis, and describe the testee’s own strengths and weaknesses. From these, certain, behavioral patterns, the professions which are better for you, can be identified. In consideration of this, you are offered suggestions concerning over 85 popular vocations and courses, from which you can make your own, personal choice, whether it be as a mechanic, educator, model, champion, zookeeper, engineer, doctor / physician, businessman / businesswoman, computer programmer or soldier:

What is a career test?
The, free, career test offered by Plakos, assists you in considering the question, "What should I become?" and considers your own, personal, talents. The career test is useful in reflecting and effectively using your strengths. The professional orientation is, for many of us, a lifelong lasting phase. Simultaneously, approx. 88% of workers are not completely satisfied with their occupation. The career test can also be useful for people in professional life. It can help assist you in seeking decision-making support from friends, family and experienced career counselors. Some career counselors provide many helpful tips and professional tests, online.

Each of us has his own, personal, talents. We all have our extraordinary abilities, things that we can do better than anyone else. These “special abilities” can be brought to the fore, by psychologists, through testing procedures. Many people ask: "Does a career test really help?". This question can, probably, not be answered with a yes or no. The Plakos career test is used, by thousands of teens and adults, every day. The feedback received, regarding the effectiveness of the provided, free of charge, professional suggestions has been mostly positive, however there have been exceptions. Some visitors have felt that the test did not help them, because the professional suggestions were not appropriate. Yet, even though the professional suggestions were not helpful, they reported that the test was useful in recognizing their own personality, strengths and weaknesses. This is due to it being based on psychological developments, like the MBTI Test. The traits which became apparent, from the responses, were divided into 16 personality types. The feedback received shows that the test is worthwhile in every case, even if the, personal, professional career decision, have already been made.

What must be considered?
Questions such as "Which job type is the right one for me?" or "What should I become?" cannot be answered specifically, in seriously applied tests. These tests merely offer orientational assistance in finding making a suitable career choice. A valid test must have a, recognized, scientific background. Very popular tests, which are generally recognized by psychologists, are the MBTI and the Keirsey Temperament Sorter Test. Tests that have been developed along these guidelines are, generally, classified as serious ones.

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